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Liam Wilson is an Australian Professional Boxer in the Super Feather Weight class.
Liam made his debut in April 2018 and remains undefeated since debut with an enviable 7- 0 win / loss record.
Liam’s motivation and focus on the end goal of securing a world title is inspiring and like all great champions, he has a laser focus on being the best in the world in his class.
As an amateur, Liam’s record of success is considerable. Over the course of an incredible 11- year career, Liam has had 138 fights with 124 wins and 14 losses. With this level of pedigree, it was obvious that a career as a Professional Boxer was in some ways his destiny.
The 7 victories to date as a Professional have been against world class opponents of which any observer will testify to witnessing an incredible talent and it is only a matter of time in reaching the pinnacle of world boxing.
Success in the world of Boxing is never an accident. Liam is a disciplined Athlete in and out of the ring. A strong work ethic has been instilled from a young age and challenging himself to the intensity and all the physical demands of a Boxer, rest comfortably on Liam and his team around him.
On a personal level, Liam is a very unassuming and humble Individual. By his own admission and those close to him all state that he was born for his chosen sport of combat. It is widely acknowledged that Liam has the courage and conviction to be one of Australia’s future world champions.
When meeting Liam it soon becomes obvious that he lives his life by a strong moral and ethical code. In some ways, this one of the attractions his sponsors find so appealing as well as being associated with a winning Athlete and a role model by his growing fan base.
Liam is a dedicated family man and along with his partner Courtney, have 2 beautiful children who are his pride and joy. His motivation to succeed in part is all about providing a safe and secure future for all.
The other element to this unfolding success story is a promise Liam made to his Dad that one day he will secure a word title and honouring his Life the best way he knows how.
With the ever-growing success of Australian Boxing, there is little doubt Liam Wilson will be at the forefront in what is becoming a golden age for the sport.

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